Friday, June 24, 2005

6/24 A memorable, fun day

Kayla slept with me last night and Hunter woke us up at 6:15 AM saying, Grandma, it's time to get up. So we did.

It's been such a fun day. After baths, and picking up, we went to Starbucks for breakfast--their choice. Kayla said the only thing they can have is a bagel there, but I told them they could have anything they wanted. So Kayla had milk and chocolate covered graham crackers. Hunter had milk and a cinnamon roll. Then they played a while in the small ampitheatre. Afterwards we went to Walmart and got H another birthday present for tomorrow.

At 11:15 AM we left Santa Clarita valley for my friend Deb's house in Thousand Oaks. What a great day. She's prepared all this gorgeous and tasty food and invited other friends over. Some of these women were on the weekend cruise I took a few years back. We laughed and ate all afternoon. The kids and I did swim for a while, then they played with the "big boys"--Deb's son Cole and his friend Brendan. K and H had a ball.

Deb made chocolate fondue and we had strawberries, bananas, mango and pineapple to dip into the chocolate. And we have lots of pictures of K eating tons of strawberries with chocolate all over her face. H only ate one (because K ate the rest), but he seemed to love it.

I'd wanted to leave by 3, but we had too much fun so I'll stay until the traffic dies down on the 5. Los Angeles traffic reeks anyway, but on Friday night I'd hit all of it going up north.

One of Debbie's friends is Adrienne, who was on the TV show Frontier House on PBS. She's from Ireland and a lovely and delightful woman. Debbie and I were talking about being shallow. Debbie's really good at being shallow and I'm the deepest shallow person you can meet. Anyway, Adrienne said to the group, very sincerely, "I'm from Mailibu. You are the deepest people I know." That elicited a laugh from all of us. Loved it.

And Kayla said a good one too. Brendan said they were watching a movie and there was a bad guy on it. Kayla said, "Why is he bad? Did he forget to say 'excuse me' when he burped?" Love that one too.

In an hour or so we'll head back to Jill's. Jill and Todd are going out tonight and I'm babysitting, but I have a feeling the kids are going to be very tired. Grandma too.


Bron said...

didn't even know Starbucks did breakfast! I envisioned a huge bowl of coffeee witha spoon.

Jer said...

Well, that's my idea of breakfast. :) But they do have lots of pastries and such. Nothing that's good for you. My kind of place.