Tuesday, June 21, 2005

6/21 Doctor visit

I had to see my doc as a follow-up to a sinus infection I had several weeks ago. While I was there she also talked to me about my recent stomach problems. No big deal. But I can't have caffeine, chocolate or tomatoes. Three of my favorite things. And maybe I can't have citrus but we haven't really checked that one.

Aarrrgggghhh! Me--with the cast-iron stomach. All my life I've eaten anything I wanted and only had indigestion once or twice.

At least I can still eat jalapenos. And can have a beer once in a while. Hallelujah!


anne frasier said...

jer, i also have stomach problems and have to avoid most fun food. i do eat chocolate sometimes, but usually pay for it. :D it killed me to give up coffee, but one thing i found that my stomach can tolerate is darjeeling tea. other tea, like earl grey, bothers me, but darjeeling must be milder. so at least when i get up in the morning i can have a cup of hot something. i've been surprised to find that almost all fruity teas cause much distress. also decaf tea about kills me. have no idea why.

Jer said...

I gave up regular coffee with no problem when this stomach "thing" first surfaced several months ago. But I do have an occasional cup of decaf. Luckily I can have decaf tea in the morning...no problem. It's a hit and miss thing to figure out what you can have and what you can't have.

I told my doc today that I'm not addicted to the caffeine but I'm addicted to having something hot in the morning... so tea is fine.

So we have something in common besides our midwestern roots. :)