Thursday, June 02, 2005

6/2 Hit me, Bloggy, one more time!

Just discovered that the winners of Blog of the Week (MKEOnline) for the past ten weeks are now in a hotly contested race to see which blog is Blog of the--what? Blog of the 10-Week Period? Whatever it's called, I'd love to make a respectable showing. Voting is allowed from June 2-8.

Problem is that I'll be on the Avon Breast Cancer Walk (and preparing for it) from tonight through June 5, and won't be able to campaign too much. So I'll put this notice here, plus will put it on two forums I frequent. And I'll email it to everyone I've ever met, and anyone I've never met. A billboard, a TV commercial, time spent on talk shows...yeah, I think it's doable.

And if I win, I will change the name of my blog. Because if I win, my life WILL be an adventure, because I'll be blogworthy.

Vote for me, please.

My slogan--a vote for me is a vote for me. Catchy, don't you think? Jer

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