Saturday, June 18, 2005

6/18 I hate it

I hate disagreements. A young man I work with at CSz wasn't doing his job--at least that's what I thought. And I spoke to him because I can't do both my job and his.

He told me I was talking to him like a child and he didn't have to listen to it. I thought about what he said, and then apologized, because that wasn't my intent--even though that's the way it panned out. When I asked him to forgive me, he wouldn't do it. Said that he won't hold it against me, but he wouldn't forgive me and that's just the way he is.

That's when it hit me that the reason I spoke to him like that is because he is a kid. I sure don't want to be disrespectful to him, but that must be the reason I did it.

He said the owner is his boss and has never told him that--insert what I said here--was part of his job. I said, "Yep, that's why I asked him to talk to you about what your job duties are." He said that was a good idea.

It had been a good day until this situation happened.

I'd never had a disagreement with this young man before. But I've always noticed that he sits at the bar and talks instead of doing what the other employees in that position do. And I've always thought that it was because he's not trained.

A few weeks ago the ref came running out of the arena two or three times looking for this guy because he had work to do. But still no one spoke to him about his work behavior.

That's too bad, because this kid started with such energy and enthusiasm. But it's quickly disappearing.

It appears I'll come out to be the villain in the melodrama, and that's okay. Many people talk about his job performance, but so far I think I'm the only one who's talked directly to him about it. Trouble is, I'm not his boss. I'm not anything except a co-worker. So I guess I'll shut up from now on.

I know the owner will take care of it now.

But damn, I hate disagreements.

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