Saturday, June 25, 2005

6/25 Happy Birthday, Hunter!

We had a great day. All day long Hunter would say, "It's my happy birthday. Did you wrap my sword?" Yep, that's what he wanted from me. And it ended up his favorite present. Less than $5. That's always the way. He was so cute. The sword is bendable rubber of course, but he told me to be careful because it was very sharp and I could get hurt. Gotta love 3-year-olds.

His Spiderman cake gave us all purple mouths and black teeth. Sure made us laugh. And we had a super dinner with homemade taco salads. We ate outside on the patio. The weather was perfect. After dinner and cake we went to Starbucks to let the kids play in the small ampitheatre while we enjoyed our coffees. Kayla asked if she could take a picture with my digital camera. She really did a good job, so much so that I let her continue taking pictures. We have some that I'll definitely save...two were funny as well. One was a close-up of a beetle that Hunter had squashed. And the other was when she took the sleeve from a Starbucks coffee cup and put it on a doll as a crown. She put the doll on top of the toilet tank and took a great photo. I think she's got a good eye--especially for a five year old.

This has been such an awesome visit. I am ready to go home, just because I have so much to do. But it's always hard to leave. K said, "I think I'll cry this time too, Grandma." That's because I always cry when I leave.

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