Wednesday, June 29, 2005

6/29 Yikes, so much to do.

There's so much piled on my desk. But I just found out that I'm not scheduled to work at CSz this weekend, so I can put in some extra hours at my regular job. That's a good thing.

Wonder if my sibs are getting together this weekend. Probably. I'm going to be working or else hanging out at my pool--when no one else is there. I'd go home, but I have to go home the following two weekends, so can't stretch that to three. It would stress me out.

Want to see another picture Kayla took? Of course you do.

I miss the kids already. Even though they wear me out when I watch them for a long time, they mostly are so energizing. And beautiful. And loving. And sh!t, I'm crying. (No, not boo hoo hoo, just a few tears.)

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