Sunday, June 26, 2005

6/26 Heading home

Todd is cooking breakfast, Kayla is taking pictures with my camera, Hunter is playing with his new toys, and Jill is in the shower. As I started typing that was the situation. But since I typed the first sentence things have changed. We've all finished breakfast, both kids have told me not to leave, and I'm almost at the crying stage. Am trying to hold off until I actually have to leave.

It's so hard to leave them.

This is one of Kayla's first pictures she took. That's Hunter's hand pointing to the beetle he squashed. The reason his finger is black is because of the icing on the Spiderman birthday cake.

On the right you'll see Kayla and Hunter with Debbie. As K saw this pic again this morning she said, "Oh, I love Debbie!"

Will follow with more pictures when I get home, and I'll make sure they're bigger on my website. For now I need to pack and shower and get ready to go. Sigh.

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