Wednesday, June 22, 2005

6/22 Poker marathon

Last night I was a bit bored, so I got into a $5 tournament on For the first time I got into a really big tournament. There were 1700 people entered and top prize was $1,000. The top 99 placers got some money.

Well, 3 1/2 hours later I was still playing. I ended up in 19th place and was paid $26.24. It felt like a million though. At the end I made some stupid plays, but I was tired and really wanted it to end. It was sure fun though. I'm sure I'll do it again.

Am sitting here eating a vegetarian tamale pie and listening to the Knack's My Sharona. Okay, it just moved on to Bob Marley's One Love/People Get Ready. I love all kind of music from Enya to Gwen Stefani to Talking Heads to Mary Chapin Carpenter. iTunes and iPod are so cool.

Yesterday was weird. I told my doc that a new med I was taking for my stomach was making me spacy, dizzy and nauseated. (Okay, spacier than usual...) Got really sick and went home and slept for two hours. Happened quickly and was over when I woke up from the nap. This morning I was fine, but now the symptoms are starting again. Can't wait to get this med out of my system.

Have two meetings this afternoon. Luckily I'm prepared. (Wild wild life by Talking Heads is on. That's one of my favorite songs. I think it's because the video was so cool.)

Tomorrow--off to LA. I'll post after I get there.

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