Monday, June 20, 2005

6/20 Late lunch

Time slipped away from me. But I got a lot done. (Besides emailing Michele about 10 times.) Finished the first edits on a hardcopy newsletter that goes to about 20,000 people in 8 or 9 countries.

Now I'm starting second edits on a Journal. That usually takes about 8 hours each time. But the articles are so interesting that it's an honor to do it. And this is the edition that contains articles by Desmond Tutu, Laura Bush and me. Wow. I'm in heady company in this issue.

Then I have to edit all the articles in another Journal where I'm the only editor. Everyone turned in their pieces, except one guy. I hope I have enough to fill the Journal. Oh, well, I'll take another slug of Maalox and write another one myself if I have to. :)

Then two press releases. I bet I won't have all this done by Wednesday. That's my self-imposed deadline because early Thursday morning I'm flying to LA for the weekend. It's Hunter's 3rd birthday on the 25th. It's neat because I was there for Kayla's in May also. First year that I've been able to be there for both.

AND--> about what I wrote yesterday. I've decided to be a free agent in the Rec League, since two out of the four on the team haven't decided yet. I'm not going to wait on answers like I did last time. That caused me some problems. So this time I want to be on a team where someone else is anxiously trying to get a decent team together. I'll be that team's handicap, but they won't mind because they'll appreciate what I do. WAIT--I've gone too far... Let's just leave it at: I'm going on the free agent list. And if no one chooses me, that's life.

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