Thursday, June 09, 2005

6/9 I bought a fan. Yes!

Bought the biggest fan in the known universe at Home Depot. My daughter and s-i-l had thoughtfully given me a gift card for HD. (Does any other old lady LOVE Home Depot like I do? A new Lowe's is going up about a half-block from me. I am anticipating the pure joy of the grand opening.)

So my condo was nicely cooled. But the fan made so much noise I had to move it to another room. Luckily, it's so big that it cools the entire place no matter where I put it. (Thanks, Jill and Todd, for the gift card.)

I'll find out by 5 PM whether I won the blog thing or not. I'm wondering if I should buy a fancy dress and prepare an acceptance speech, just in case.

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