Saturday, June 10, 2006

6/10 Saturday Stuff

Doing laundry, unpacking my sleeping back and camping gear (yes, I know it's been a week), and watching out the window as they fill our pool. It was supposed to be open on Memorial Day weekend, but there was a leak. And now that it's 50 degrees, they've fixed it and are filling it. Ya gotta love Wisconsin. Brrrrr.

Went to see some friends' sketch comedy performance last night. Their name is Monkey Knife Fight. Very creative and funny bunch.

Tonight Melissa, Mary Jo, and I are performing improv at Bucketworks with some other folks. Should be fun. Will write about the experience tomorrow. Right now there are towels to be folded.


Jeff said...

If the outside temperature is 50, the pool water must be 40!!!

Jer said...

The water would have been around 40 anyway, coming out of the hose. It stays cool. And by cool I mean frigid.