Sunday, June 25, 2006

6/25 Hunter's birthday and more!

Today my grandson is four. He's celebrating his birthday in Las Vegas. How cool is that! He is such a funny little kid, and loves to talk to his grandma on the phone. I love it too. Jill and her family will be here in July. I only get them for one night, because they're going up to Eagle River to visit Todd's family. And when they come back this way to go back to LA, I'll be in St. Louis on business. But I'll see them for a few days in California in September. I sure do miss them all.

Yesterday was another good day at CSz. I worked from 12-5 and had fun. Then I stayed for the 7:30 and 10 PM shows with some other members of BroadMinded. Wish I could have stayed out longer, but I got home a little before 1 AM, and have been lounging around all day today. Wow, I really do need a full day to recuperate. Good think I didn't drink too much, or I would really feel bad today instead of just tired.

We're working on a MySpace page for BroadMinded. It'll be cool to have everyone contribute to it.

Gotta run. The couch is calling my name.


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Hunter had a great birthday despite having to drive back from Las Vegas on his birthday. He got to have both McDonalds happy kids meal for lunch and sushi for dinner (both were his request, a tradition in our family that you pick what you want to eat on your bday). What more can he ask for :-). Thanks for the post mom.

Jer said...

It was wonderful talking to him on his birthday. He was so excited I didn't even understand most of what he said. Except I know he loved my presents. And talking to Kayla was superb as usual. My little princess.

David said...

In your honor, I went to Upright Citizens Brigade last night. Had folks from SNL and Daily Show plus some others doing longform improv. One of them was involved in Comedy Sportz.

My fave was John Lutz, who is a writer on SNL and occasionally ges on the air.

Jer said...

Cool, Dave. I'd love if you could remember the CSz person's name. I know several of them. Was it one that performed at the Improv when we were there?