Wednesday, June 21, 2006

6/21 What in the world?

I'd love to write funny blog entries, and do it every now and then. Yet when things move me, disgust me, sadden me, or whatever, I need to write about them. Before my journal became electronic, that's what I did also.

At work, I always have and up on my computer. I need to follow news stories on workplace violence issues and crises in general. But yesterday I was glued to It was the sixth annual World Refugee Day. The United Nations unanimously adopted a resolution in 2000 to remember refugees on a special day each year, and CNN devoted a lot of space to it. Normally I have to go to CNN International for news like that.

I found it so moving and utterly sad. Reporters wrote as people instead of just reporting the news. A big guy wrote about breaking down when he saw what had been done to a group of women. Refugees are everywhere, and most of us in the US ignore their plight.

The faces of the children are especially poignant. And it's hard to believe that we live in relative luxury while these children are dying of starvation, disease, and genocide in some cases.

I still feel the call in my gut to do something. And I will. More on that later.

Go to Anderson Cooper's blog from Monday, June 19th and read about his interview with Angelina Jolie. He thinks she's the real deal as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. I do too.

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