Monday, June 19, 2006

6/19 Days fly by

When you're ultra-busy one day melts into another. I don't have anywhere to go tonight, but need to draft a press release for CSz, publicizing our UK CSz team visiting and playing in July. This press release will also announce our foray into open mic nights. Both things will happen July 21. I'm really psyched, but will need lots of support from stand-up comics I know, so we'll have people show up.

Pairing our first one with the UK team is a good idea. People will come to see the "Chorley Chaplins." Chorley is a village outside of Manchester, Lancashire where CSz first located over there. It's where I traveled every Wednesday evening by train in order to rehearse with the troupe. Bron has since moved to Manchester and has teams in both cities.

Bron, Chris, and Rachel will be in the US for the CSz World Championship. And since Bron's folks live in Wisconsin, she always visits Milwaukee's CSz. Chris is her boyfriend, and I've only met him online, so look forward to meeting him. Rach is someone I met in Chorley, and also roomed with her at the World Championship last summer in Los Angeles. So I'm definitely looking forward to their arrival in July.

Chris is a stand up comic from Manchester, and will perform in our open mic segment.

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