Wednesday, June 28, 2006

6/28 Fun last night

After Open Improv a bunch of commenced with our Tuesday night ritual--going out for a beer. They chose the New Yorker because folks were in the mood for karaoke. Some of the guys just crack me up. Patrick sounded just like Elvis and Michael Jackson. No, not at the same time. But when he sang their songs. It was a stitch. Jason sounded just like Louis Armstrong. Funny. Nick did some songs that sounded really good. And Megan sang an excellent Bon Jovi. I sang an old one by the Chiffons--One Fine Day. But the key was just a little too high. So I did some improv in the middle and was pretty proud of myself. Some people there remember us from when we've been there before. The owner (Sal) stopped me on the way out. He asked about us. I said everyone was a comedian and/or an actor. He said if we ever have any flyers we can leave them in the bar anytime we want. That was sweet.

And a woman who sang in a uniform from the Hyatt gave me a hug and said we should go to the Hyatt on Sunday. She'll be bartending and will give me a free drink. I'm thinking that's a pretty good offer.

Left there about 11:30, so I still got plenty of sleep.

Improv was fun last night too. We did some new stuff for games. And when we got to long form, it turned out really good.

I love Tuesday nights.


Kish said...

i love tuesday nights too. :)

Jer said...

Oooh, oooh, I forgot to write another reason I love Tuesday nights. Kish bakes for us sometimes. She brings us cupcakes or fudge. Everyone literally attacks her as she walks in. Very popular young woman, that's for sure. (Thanks again, Cupcake!)