Saturday, June 24, 2006

6/24 Fun, but I'm tired

After working all day at my regular job, I worked at CSz from 5-10:30. But because it was the Midwest Division Playoffs I stayed until almost 1 AM watching shows and having a beer. It's always so much fun when other cities come to Milwaukee. The ComedySportz teams from Chicago, Indianapolis, Twin Cities, Quad Cities, and Houston are here for the weekend, challenging Milwaukee. Great fun!

I know so many of the players from World Championships in the past. Spent a lot of time talking to Nancy from Twin Cities; what an interesting (and funny) woman. Got some good hugs from Will from Indianapolis, such a little cutie. Guess I shouldn't start mentioning folks, because there are so many I'd like to mention. Great people. I do think CSz attracts really good ones. Not just people who are outlandishly funny, but also those who care about providing family friendly comedy. It's super that parents can bring their kids to the shows.

Not that we're all "goody-goodies." Far from it. Most of us have very bawdy senses of humor. But CSz provides a wonderful service to our communities, and you have to love that.

Must shower and get ready. Have to be back to CSz at noon to set up for the matinee. Am working box office again. Will get off at five, and then can watch the two night shows. I know it will be a good day.

Tomorrow I'm staying home all day, but will send a press release to thousands of newspapers, announcing that Bron and her gang are coming from the UK and will play on July 21st, followed by an Open Mic night, which I get to MC.

Did I mention I'm tired? A shower and a cup of coffee ought to take care of that.


Jer said...

Oh, I was exaggerating about the "thousands" of newspapers. Good night.

Jeff said...

The talent you have for making people laugh at your humor is a gift, Jer. Thanks for sharing that gift.
Laughter can be powerful medicine. :)

Jer said...

Thanks, Jeff. And judging from our flash fiction we both have the ability to creep people out as well. :) Jer

Troy (CSz HOUSTON) said...

I am highly offended I was not singled out in your blog as a visiting CSz'er. You did post the obligatory "...there are so many I'd like to mention." I'll let you off this time. It was great seeing you again. "Y'all" did a wonderful job of hosting once again. It was a lot of fun. Take care.

Jer said...

You'll have to read today's post (which I usually post during my lunchtime). I'll defnitely mention you, chipmunk boy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jer, I read Troy from Houston's comments and I have to day I my not have singeled him out either. Thanks for a great weekend at CSZ and being such a warm and fabolous host! Nancy...Minneapolis

Jer said...

Great to hear from you, Nancy. Both you and Troy really made me laugh when you performed with your teams. Hope to see you soon. Jer