Friday, June 23, 2006

6/23 Breast Cancer Walk and the United Nations

Last night I became the division leader for operations at the Los Angeles Breast Cancer Walk. As you may recall, while working at the Chicago one I was encouraged to volunteer in LA too. Hey, a chance to see my grandkids, and my airline ticket is tax deductible? Sounds like a great deal to me. While talking to the crew coordinator, Sarah, last night, I got the same job there that I have in the Chicago walk. I'm so psyched! But I still have to raise some more money to reach my goal. If anyone has any spare change, go to my Avon Walk page please. Thanks a bunch just for thinking about it.

I got contacted by the Medical Reserves corps of Southeast Wisconsin. I'm going to help at a triathlon. While the docs, nurses, and paramedics will be giving medical first aid, I'll do some psychological first aid. We'll see how it goes.

I work at ComedySportz tonight, so that will be fun.

Oh, and I'll tell you about the United Nations later. (That's what's known as a "teaser.")


Beata said...

Mom, you just put that title to attract more readers, didn't you??? ;-)
I am so happy for you with all thise jobs coming up. I know you will feel better doing something like that. Good luck! Love you...

Jer said...

Love you, sweetie.