Friday, June 09, 2006

6/9 I am not yet dead!

That's the song I'm listening to from the Spamalot. I haven't seen the musical yet, but I already love the songs and will be prepared when I get to see the show. Same thing with Wicked. And Hairspray.

Spamalot cracks me up. I know my brothers will love it--they are all Monty Python freaks, especially Jay.

I did the same with Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia, and Les Mis. When a musical interests me, I buy the CD before seeing the show. Don't know why. I think it helps me enjoy the show more when I already know the songs.

Oh, there are exceptions. I bought Rent after seeing it. And Miss Saigon. I can't listen to Miss Saigon too much. It makes me cry. I saw it on Broadway with my friend Joe. Glad he was there. When I saw all the children's faces on the screen when they were singing Bui Doi on stage, I couldn't stop crying.

Crap, why did I go there. From Spamalot to Miss Saigon? From utterly ridiculous to sad and profound. Okay, shake it off. Back to Spamalot...

I think my favorite song is I'm All Alone. King Arthur sings that he's all alone, and his servant responds with, "Oh no you're not." Arthur never does acknowledge Patsy (the serf) during the song, so Patsy says some hilarious stuff. Tried to write a sketch similar to this, but haven't been able to do it. I certainly don't want to copy, so I need to come up with a fresh approach. Oh well, if I can't, there are plenty of hilarious things surrounding me every day.

Tonight I'm going to ComedySportz to watch the 7:30 show, and then at 10 is a sketch comedy show--Monkey Knife Fight. It's an adult show put on by several CSz friends. Can't wait to see them perform.

Tomorrow night is the show at Bucketworks. I'm looking forward to it.


Bron said...

RENT made me cry every time I heard it EVEN before i saw it

Jer said...

I've seen the Broadway production and the movie, and both have their charms. The music transcends the book however. Love the music.

Currently my favorite musical I haven't seen is Wicked. :) I keep listening to the music over and over. Love the whole concept. Wizard of Oz as seen from the witches' point of view.

Cindy said...

my broadminded, and far-sighted son, Cody gave me the book Wicked 4 years ago,(He thinks I read too many trashy romance novels) and I was hooked. I am dying to see the show too, and couldn't care less about the music, though I know that will hook me too.

Jer said...

I think you'll be hooked on the music too, Cindy. There are so many songs that I'm crazy about.