Tuesday, June 13, 2006

6/13 Still thinking

Trying to figure out my life is exhausting. So I'm going to stop for a while.

Last night BroadMinded rehearsed. We went over almost all our sketches for the August performance. Some funny stuff (I think). Now I need to start memorizing my lines. I have a few different characters to practice--a teen, a British prof, a Wisconsin mom, an old whore. Actually I am one of those characters in real life. (Laughing at my own stupid joke.) I'm going to make a BroadMinded webpage soon, after we settle on our logo.

Tonight, Open Improv and beer afterward. I look forward to both.


Joe said...

Sounds like the beginning stage of Alzheimer’s. Thinking, thinking, thinking then stop for awhile. Then thinking, thinking. Then oh I forgot where I was. Yes I remember sounds like the beginning stage………..It’s flower day today.

Cindy said...

It's Flag Day dear...not flower day. Now go take your medicine and eat your gruel, and REST!

Jer said...

It's sad, Joe. You're one of the younger ones, yet you're the first to develop....hey, what's that bug called? Where was I?

(See that's what usually happens to me. I get distracted by something, and then have to start from scratch on what I was doing....)