Wednesday, June 28, 2006

6/28 Jan's and my adventure

Although my sister Jan (11 months younger than I) likes to focus on how much she disliked me as a kid, I tend to remember the friendship we had. Because we were so close in age, we did so many things together, including double dating.

Today though I'm thinking about an adventure we had in 1965. Two male friends, Perry and Bill, shinnied up the drain pipe to the porch roof right outside our bedroom. We decided to go on an adventure with them. Jan's friend, Sally, went with us. She'd just gotten off work and still had on her white uniform.

One of the guys drove, and it was in the middle of the night, so we decided to "sneak into" various localities in the area. I say "sneak into" instead of "break into" because we didn't break anything. Plus these venues were outside, although one of them was fenced in. We began at Spring Lake Country Club (not the one mentioned yesterday). And we went swimming in the lake. It was so much fun to have the whole place to ourselves.

Then we went to Westview Golf Course, and swam in the water hazards. That was really fun because we collected a lot of golf balls while there.

Finally we got to the Quincy Country Club. Yep, the one from yesterday's posting. For some reason, when we got there, I got so scared, I just couldn't get out of the car and go to climb the fence. So I stayed in the car. Not only that, I lay down on the floor of the back seat. (Think I was flashing back to my grade school humiliation? Nope. I was just scared.)

So we get home about 5:30 in the morning. The guys said, "You are going to get in so much trouble." We said, "Nope, it's Sunday morning. Our parents will sleep late and go to church later."

We opened the front door, and there was Mom--sitting at the dining room table, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette. For some unknown reason, she'd decided to go to 6:00 AM mass that day. She hadn't known we were gone, but didn't look too surprised to see us, or even to see Sally with us.

We told her what we'd done. Back then we told Mom everything.

Then she started laughing.

Said she'd done similar things so she couldn't get too mad. Plus she knew we were still "good girls."

Why? Because our clothes were wet. She knew we hadn't gone skinny dipping.

(That didn't happen until a few years later.)

Mom was so damn cool.


Kelly K said...

Awesome story. I always love stories from your childhood. I always wished I had the guts to sneak out and do something fun like that. (mom, you didn't just read that!)

Jer said...

Here's the funny part, Kelly. Jan emailed and said she remembered I woke her up and told her Perry and Bill were on the porch roof, but she didn't go out with us that night. I'm laughing so hard. Which one of us is right?