Saturday, June 17, 2006

6/17 me anyway

Worked at CSz today from 12-5. Talked to Dick and it looks like I'm organizing an open mic night there. They've never had stand-up in the arena, just improv and sketch comedy. So this will be a brand new endeavor and quite exciting. I need to figure out some ways to make it successful, and to market it (with the help of CSz folks, of course).

We're looking to begin the third Friday in July. I'm so psyched!

I think we'll do it in the secondary stage area. It's called the garage and is a cool room. Open Mic Night in The Garage at ComedySportz Milwaukee. Yeah! It's going to happen.


Jeff said...

Good luck and have fun, Jer! :)

Jer said...

Hey thanks, Jeff. The only bad thing is that comedy has really cut down on my writing time. Well, I'm writing, but it's different. No regular fiction.