Monday, April 30, 2007

4/30 Another Quincy day

She slept well again last night, only waking me up once. I worked for a while at Jan and Tim's while Quincy played with Alfie and Rocky--both miniature dachsunds. Then I went to Joe and Cindy's to pick up a power cord for my work laptop--stupid me left it in Mississippi. Got to talk to my nephew Cody for a while, which was nice.

Since around 1 I've been working at Kris's house. The great thing is that it's such a comfortable place, and is nice and cool with the ceiling fans going. Q is sleeping on the couch next to me, and Max is sleeping on the bathroom floor. I scared Max. Thought I'd let him out and he tried to run to the front yard, so I yelled, "Max, NO!" very loudly. He's a huge golden retriever but is such a gentle soul. So my yelling scared the hell out of him and he's been wrapped around the toilet in the second bathroom. I feel awful and didn't know he'd be so upset at me yelling no. Poor Max. He's such a sweetie.

A few other pics:

Jer, Sarah, Quincy, Bailey, Max at Quincy

The Avon walkers on a training walk--Jan, Beth, and Kris


Anonymous said...

Quincy looks sooo cute. How can you not make a fuss over her. Hope she is feeling better soon. - Jill

Cindy said...

wow..Quincy is growing. She is a doll..sorry I missed her. Glad you got to talk to Cody..he is a doll too. ;o) Better go...someone took my power cord and my battery is dying....hmmm

Kelly said...

Quincy IS growing so fast. She is so incredibly cute!! I can see why people stop you to "talk" to her.