Sunday, November 14, 2004

11/14 Rob's birthday

Today is my son Rob's 33rd birthday. It seems like a moment ago he was a 2-month old baby in my arms. That's how old he was the day we brought him home from the agency in Hawaii. I'd wanted a baby forever, and we'd been married for more than four years when I discovered I couldn't get pregnant.

We'd been approved for about six months. Back then Hawaii DFCS approved six couples at any one time, and when a child became available that child went to the couple who had the best "fit" with the child. Rob is Samoan, and at the time there were no Polynesian couples, or any couples of color, approved. Out of all the haole couples, my husband was the biggest. So we got Rob. I was so grateful my ex played football in college.

(Haole--pronounced hah-oh-lee--originally meant stranger in Hawaian. Now it commonly means white person.)

When I got the call that a beautiful healthy baby was ours, my husband was in the field on the Big Island. He was in the military. I had no way to reach him. So I called the OOD (officer of the day) and told him the story. He radioed the Big Island and my ex said he had to maintain silence during the manuevers. So as soon as they were supposed to "attack" the other forces, he yelled aloud as he ran, "I'm a FATHER--I have a SON!!"

He came home the next day and we went into Honolulu to pick up Rob. At this point we hadn't even seen a picture of him, but that didn't matter. We walked into the agency and the receptionist said they weren't expecting anyone with our last name. After a few extremely anxious moments, we found out she was brand new and had no idea what she was saying. Then they brought out our baby.

He was gorgeous. I fell in love immediately. They gave us pictures from the first two months of his life in foster care. I cherish those.

Rob's gifted in many ways. He can play any sport, but soccer is his favorite. He can draw and paint. He is musical, has played drums since a kid. And he's smart. I can brag, since he doesn't have my DNA. :)

I'm so in love with both my kids, and I wrote about Jill on her birthday. I wanted to do the same with Rob. Both of them have enriched my lives in ways I never could have imagined prior to their coming into my life. What blessings!

Happy birthday, Rob. Can't wait until you and Beata move home from Japan. I miss you both.


Anonymous said...

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Hi, Kel. I remember it like it was yesterday. You weren't born until a year after him, so you probably didn't hear the story before. Good to see you here. Love you, Aunt Jer

Bron said...


Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

You're so eloquent, Bron. :) Jer

Bron said...


RED said...

Wow. How lucky can I get? I have to be reminded that I was adopted. It's just not how I think. Even looking at the pictures on the wall here at home--I never perceive the difference in how I look compared to everyone else in our huge, wonderful family (funny, huh?).

I love you, mom. You made everything possible, and I forget that sometimes. It has nothing to do with DNA.

Thank you.

Love Rob

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Aw, Robbie. You made your ole mama cry. I love you kiddo.