Wednesday, November 15, 2006

11/15 Quiet day and the zoo

I slept late today--8 AM. I thought it would feel good, but now I'm sluggish with no energy at all. Yuck.

Today I'm working with Beata on a project, and later will try to put my bathroom together. Tonight Rob has a night jump so won't be home until after 10. (He just called to say he'll be home for an hour or so this afternoon, and won't be home from the night jump until 2 or 3 AM.)

Beata and I will eat leftovers for dinner--last night's sumptious feast left us a lot to choose from.

The zoo are happy to have another human to pester. Bobby is the "leader of the pack." He's a golden retriver and is definitely Rob's dog. Bella is a mixed breed and definitely is Beata's dog. Chili was supposed to be Beata's, but he's crazy about Rob as well. Right now, this chili dog is sitting behind my in my chair as I type. He is adorable.


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Dachshunds prefer human males...dont' ask me why...OUR pestered Joe to death, always waiting for him to sit down so they could claim his lap...Sounds like you are settling well into the zoo...

Beata said...

Actually Chilli loves us both the same! He is crazy about Rob when it comes to fun, playing, and just being silly. When it comes to love, food, and sleep--he is cuddling with his mommy. :-)