Wednesday, October 03, 2007

10/3 New title

As of today I'm State Director of Disaster Response. Formerly I was State Coordinator. It's not a promotion, just a title change more reflective of what I really do.

Mark, a VP from Austin, was in today and we had some meetings. Will do so tomorrow morning too. Then off to Hancock County in the afternoon for an LTRC meeting (Long Term Recovery Committee). Lots going on.

But I've set aside all day Friday to put my new office into shape. Boxes are piled everywhere and I need to get "moving in" finished.

Damn, I miss my dogs. They're staying over at Pampered Pets because I thought I'd be gone late tonight. But I got home pretty early--but still too late to pick them up. Doggy Day Care closes at 6. Will someone please stand at the back door and whine to go outside? Then I'll feel better.

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