Wednesday, November 14, 2007

11/14 Rob's birthday

How can my sweet little boy be so old? He's 36 today. Seems impossible.

I have so many happy memories with Rob. Some not so happy--but those fade a lot faster, which is fine with me. He's made me laugh for 36 years, and I hope he makes me laugh for 36 more.

Happy birthday, honey. I know it's going to be wonderful since your sister arrived today. It was good talking to you, Beata, and Jill this morning. Wish I could be with you all, but I know you'll have so much fun.

Looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving, no matter where we end up. :) Love to you all, Mom

Editing to say: For more on Rob's birthday, and a few pictures, go to my brother Joe's blog.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Robbie....I can't imagine a better gift for a guy than having his sister show up on his doorstep...I might get that same thing for Joe!!! Seriously, I am sure you guys will hug the stuffing out of each other, and it is great that Jill and Beata will finally get to meet one another...they are sure to hit it off, then poor old Rob will be ignored. Maybe you should have asked for a drill or something. Well have a good time, and behave yourselves.