Thursday, November 29, 2007

11/29 I won't kill it

My sister Jan brought me a plant. Beautiful baby tears. I've had this plant before and love it, but always kill it.

This one sits on my kitchen window sill and still looks perfect. The problem begins when it starts getting a little leggy and I try to replant the ends. Supposed to be easy and for most people it is--just pinch off the ends and put them in the pot. But somehow I kill it.

The reason it's important is that this plant is from my Grandma's plant. She always had beautiful baby tears around the house. When she died we all got a plant. Some people, like Jan, were able to keep it going, and she keeps giving offshoot plants to plant killers like me.

Thanks, Jan. I love having a part of Grandma Bozie in my house.

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