Sunday, July 06, 2008

7/6 Best and Worst

This has been such a great weekend. I've been able to be with my family a lot which is so important to me. Last night, Kelly, Todd, and the boys came over, but I didn't hear them knocking.(Note to self: get a doorbell.) Luckily I went out in front to water the flowers and saw them sitting over at Joe's house. So Gus, Bozie and I went over.

I knew they'd come to meet Bozie, because they are definitely cat people. Bozie made quite a hit with everyone. She is such a cutie. And of course Gus got some great attention too.

The worst part is that this weekend my back has been worse than ever. This latest bad flare up started about two days before the MRI, and unless I take the pain meds it's really bad. With the medication, I can tolerate the pain, but can't do a lot more than that. All I want to do is sleep. Last night I forced myself to water the flowers (which was good because I got to see everyone).

I'm grateful the puppy and kitten have each other. Neither has to rely on me for their fun. I do love to play with them though. Here are some pics I took with my phone.

We didn't know if Gussie would like the water or not, but he followed Rocky (a miniature dachshund) right into the pond.

I finally have a picture of Gus and me. It looks like I'm choking him, but I promise I'm not. Just wanted him to look at the darn camera.

My sister Jane holding Gus. And a pic of a small evergreen on Jan's porch with bubbles on it. The kids were blowing lots of bubbles and some would stick on the plant. Loved it.

A very tired puppy.

Bozie loves TV. Here's she's watching Wimbledon.


Kelly said...

We're glad we got to meet Bozie. She is so adorable. The boys are still talking about here. Maybe Grayson will want her to come for a sleepver sometime. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bozie has a precious face...Loved the shot of her watching TV. Is it me or does Bozie sound like a boy name? (maybe b/c all the Bozies' in my life ARE male)

Dave said...

I keep sending photos of Gus to Uday and Laura's daughter, Mani, who is obsessed by dogs. He has taken over from Zac Efron as her heartthrob.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

As long as he's fixed, Kelly, we can arrange it. :)

Cindy, I agree. But when you know that her full name is Grandma Bozie, then it's a little better. :) Almost called her Hazel after Grandma, but liked Bozie a little better. Plus, Dad called all of us Boz or Bozie, so we girls got it too.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Dave, I love that. He does have a sweet face--and a good disposition. But taking over from Zac. Wow. That is indeed an honor.