Sunday, November 30, 2008

11/30 Welcome home

Gus just peed on my bed. Yep. This is a dog who would never pee in the bed he sleeps in. It's almost like he didn't even know it happened. Normally when he has to go outside he growls at me (like it's my fault or something). But not tonight. So consequently my sheets and blankets are in the washer. I've put on clean sheets and luckily Bea and Rob gave me a new blanket. So I'll still be able to sleep.

Lucky also that he peed on top of the covers so it didn't go down to my new mattress.

Think he's paying me back for being gone so long? :)

Speaking of that, I thought the kitty would be mad that she'd been left alone in the house for five days. But she was so happy to see me. She's more affectionate than ever. That makes me smile.

I missed both my animals so much. And I'm happy to be home. Even though Gussie wet the bed.

Oh--Elizabeth gave him a bath, so when I picked him up he looked adorable. But one foray out into the wet backyard turned him back into the dirty bird he always is. Wish he'd stop eating mud. Sigh.

Anyway, I had a perfect time with Rob and Beatka, but I'm so happy to be home. Joe and Cindy, thanks a million for getting the mail and newspapers and for taking care of my sweet kitty.

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Anonymous said...

I called Kitty Kitty, but never saw Bozie once...I even opened your bedroom door once to see if she was accidently shut up in there. I am not surprised she is more affectionate though..that is just how Gizmo acts when we come home from extended time away. Glad your trip went well, and sorry about Gus's accident too, though it makes me feel better knowing it is just not Kirby that seems to 'forget himself' after being kenneled.

Isn't the snow beautiful....I wish you'd have brought Beata back to see it.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

I was definitely surprised at Gus. He's been fine since then. And since I was home all day yesterday (b/c of a procedure), the animals have forgiven me--I hope. :)