Friday, September 04, 2009

9/4/09 Eating tonight and weigh in tomorrow

Had dinner with Jane, Pete, and Sarah at Elder's. I sure shouldn't have gone there and eaten french fries--I have to weigh in tomorrow morning. Yikes. But I skipped last week for no good reason and I really have to go tomorrow.

Then Jane, Sarah, and Jordan came over and Sarah and I watched the Hannah Montana movie. It was predictable but really cute and had some good music in it. And Gus sure liked having company.

I wrote two articles tonight. Hope you enjoy at least one of them. :) Thanks for reading--thanks for at least clicking. :)

Big Brother 11: Do good guys finish last or will Jeff stay in the game?

Online therapy: My name is Eliza, how may I help you?

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Casey Freeland said...

My love and I had our date night last night. I went WAY OFF my diet, so I know how you feel.

What surprises me though was that I couldn't eat everything in front of me. To eat any more would have been physically painful.

I think we both need to remember that one day of loco eating will not make you gain pounds.

A little gluttony never killed anyone. It's that daily gluttony that gets to me. :)