Saturday, February 24, 2018

2/24/18 Life is interesting....

I should be writing, and I will.

I should be editing a friend's manuscript, and I will.

But for now, I'm sitting in a coffee shop willing the tinnitus to stop.

But it won't.

Willing my right ear to start hearing again.

But it won't.

Went to bed on 12/27 hearing out of both ears. Woke up 12/28 with almost all hearing gone in my right ear. Tests show I do have a brain and it works okay. (A little MRI humor there.) Explanations are unsatisfactory. "Sometimes this just happens. Something goes wrong with the cochlea in the inner ear. We don't really know how it happens. It just does." Of course the doctor didn't really say it in those exact words, but it's what I heard.

I'm not complaining, truly I'm not. I'm grateful to have one ear that works perfectly. This is just such a big change. And I know that soon I'll get used to hearing in monaural instead of stereo. And hopefully I'll get used to the noises that my ear insists on making. Oh, and walking into walls.

In the meantime I'll get back to my writing and editing, and trying to remember to hold my phone to my left ear. Laughing, because so far that's been one of the hardest things about this situation.

I do feel incredibly lucky that my livelihood doesn't depend on my hearing. Another appointment with the audiologist next week will determine if a hearing aid will help. Here's hoping...

Now, back to the main event: Writing. Happy Saturday, everyone. I am one lucky bug.

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