Sunday, March 11, 2018

3/11 Plugging along

The good news is that I got my hearing aid and things seem to be working well. Still takes some getting used to, but I’m very pleased overall.

Regarding writing, it’s going slowly but it’s going. :) I am editing a book for a friend, grading assignments for my QU teaching job, and counseling Au pairs online. However, I’m still making time for writing.

My Work in Progress includes: The heroes climb to great heights. Poor Clancy gets trapped. A priest helps Sam and George escape from a dangerous position. Those are all the hints I’m giving. Still don’t know how to get them out of all the situations. Plus I haven’t figures out who the villain is yet. Well, I know one for sure, but not the other.

Okay, done talking about what is involved in Is This the End? As I write, I’m thinking about the next one.

What do you think about a murder taking place in a dementia unit, and how difficult that would be for the investigators to get information? I think the concept is intriguing.

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