Friday, February 09, 2018

2/9/18 Hey, I am a writer!

Yesterday was an amazing patchwork of laughter, wine, and primarily writing. I wrote a few thousand words and could have written more, but tiredness overtook me. After a perfect dinner (which followed a perfect lunch), all the writers gathered in the Gertrude Stein salon. It's expected that every evening we gather for a "hash session" where we read part of our work in progress and critique each other's work.

It's kind of scary to put your work out there and to hear what people honestly think of it. Of course, when my work is published people read it and judge it all the time. But I don't hear them. And I'm not sitting there taking it in person.

So I was nervous.

However, it was a super experience—enlightening, encouraging, and energizing. Not only did I get valuable feedback on Is This the End?, I also was able to give feedback to others. There are some talented folks here. Right now there are five female writers staying here. Everyone writes so differently, yet all have a gift. Really enjoyed hearing others read their prose. We'll do that every night while here.

I'm getting a lot done, and eating like a queen. The food is unbelievable. Two of the women are wives and mothers and are sure enjoying not cooking. I just say Yum a lot.

I was supposed to go home Sunday but have extended until Tuesday morning. It's because I'm getting so much work done here with no distractions, plus getting helpful feedback.

Supposed to snow again soon. This is a beautiful postcard of a place.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful learning experience! Creating a bond with your talent and yet appreciating others talents as well. Take it all in Jeri, Enjoy,

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Thanks, Chris, it's a super place. It snowed again overnight and is still snowing. I love being "trapped" here.