Friday, June 11, 2004

6/11 Fun with the kids in LA

Up early. Kayla nudged me at 5:40 AM saying, "Grandma, it's time for you to get up." I'd been up earlier anyway. Around 5 Hunter cried and I succumbed to his begging and brought him to his mom and dad's room. Thought I could sleep a little longer, but Kayla would have none of that.

I took Jill to work at 6:40 and then took the kids to Coco's for breakfast. Kayla loves it there because she gets her orange juice in a "to go" coffee cup, "just like Mommy." She also ate eggs, basically a first. She'd tried them a few years ago and declared she didn't like them. Later Todd was surprised that she'd eaten both eggs and tomatoes with me. Ah, the power of grandmahood.

Went home so Hunter could have his morning nap. I did some email work while half-watching Brother Bear with Kayla. Her new favorite movie.

I woke up H at 11:45 since we were going to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. We had a great time there. Had tons of tokens left over from Kayla's 4th b'day party last month. After we ate pizza I was ready to spend all the tokens. But I laughed when the kids only wanted to play on the toys that were free. Went home with a cupful of tokens.

Funniest thing was when I bought them ice cream cones. H stuck his face right in it and kept sucking like it was a giant straw. I took a few pictures when I could stop laughing long enough and when I could convince him to come up for air. He had a faceful of ice cream and when I wiped it, his skin was frozen red. What a sight.

Went home to give them a short nap before picking up Jill at 4. Todd was at the house when we returned. He fed dinner to the kids while Jill and I enjoyed my b'day present to her--manicures and pedicures. Went to a new place in Valencia. Most comfortable chairs ever--chair vibrates while your feet are in a vibrating bath. Absolutely heavenly.

Then Jill and Todd went out for dinner and a comedy club while I got to babysit. God, I lvoe to do that! (Should have recommended they go to the LA ComedySportz. Never even thought of it.)

Kids went to bed at 8 and I watched my favorite TV show--Stargate SG-1. I missed that while in the UK.

Rob and Beata called from Japan--a nice surprise. Can't wait until they move to Chicago.

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