Friday, June 18, 2004

6/18 Off to Quincy again

Lots to do at work...and I'm so glad.

Got info from CSz so will work on the press release on the train, either coming or going. I'm quite excited about helping. Not only will it be fun but I'll learn a lot. Hope to be able to take off from work so I can attend workshops.

Nichole from work was on the train from Milwaukee and Chicago. She and two girlfriends were going down for an overnight trip to maximize shopping. The train from Chicago to Quincy was supposed to leave at 5:55 but was delayed until 6:45. Meant that instead of getting to Quincy at 10:18 it would be nearer 11 PM.

I took Business Class. A good thing because it was a full house in coach. For $28 more round trip I got two seats plus $4.50 worth of food vouchers and free drinks. I had two seats most of the way but had to share with someone when a mom got on with two kids and it wouldn't have been easy for her to split up with them.

I sat with a woman on the way to visit her daughter in Macomb, her daughter's first apartment and she wanted her mom to visit.

This time was unusual as we had kids running up and down the aisle in business class. My mantra was, "I know it's worse in coach. I know it's worse in coach."

I worked on my games for the family reunion tomorrow. Plus I finished reading a book. I'll write a book review for one of our journals. The book is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. The antagonist is a boy with autism. A riveting novel and funny too while never losing respect for him. A really good book.

The train ended up arriving at 11:20 PM. Unusual to be so late. Jane and Jordan picked me up. We also saw three cousins there. Two of them had been on the train with me but I hadn't seen them. A nice surprise. Will see them again tomorrow at the reunion.

Went to Jane's and immediatelyt to sleep.

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