Monday, June 07, 2004

6/7 Quincy

A fun day. After coffee and breakfast we went to Jan and Tim's and drove across the river to the new house they're building. It's really beautiful. As a carpenter, Tim is building it himself. Since Jan's been married to him for 33 years, she's picked up a lot of skills too and helps out when she's not working at the Clinic. Everyone is excited about them getting the home of their dreams. Jan can't wait to host family gatherings, and we can't wait either. They'll have plenty of room for all of us.

Had grilled veggies, grilled potatoes and cottage cheese for dinner. Mmm-mmmm, good.

Watched a little TV, got on the computer, and then snores. (Just read this--sounds like I slept on the computer. LOL.)

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