Sunday, June 06, 2004

6/6 Last Day of the Walk!

Sunday: I was up every hour on the hour to trek to the Porta-John. I don't feel sick but something I ate didn't agree with me. Yikes. Felt like dragging my sleeping bag to the sidewalk in front of the toilets, but I was afraid people would step on me. :)

Up for good at 4:30. Funny that it felt normal. Cleaned up, packed up, got coffee, and went to work.

Fortunately the day wasn't busy except for one traumatic event. So I was able to greet walkers as they finished their grueling trek. It was especially gratifying to stand with my sister Jane and brother-in-law Tim to greet our sister (and Tim's wife)--Jan. She did so well on the walk and we are incredibly proud of her. The closing ceremony was very moving and elicited tears as it always does.

We quickly gathered our bags and loaded up Tim's truck. A potential mishap was averted when all three sisters screamed, "Tim" at the same time. I was still outside of the truck and both doors of the extended cab were open on my side. A cop motioned for Tim to go, and being a law-abiding citizen he began to do so--not knowing I wasn't in yet. It was scary, but no harm done.

After being on my feet for those long hours I really had "restless legs." Sitting in the backseat with nowhere to move my legs was painful. So I stretched out my legs and put my feet in between Jan and Tim sitting in front. Then I had to endure the taunt of "stinky feet." It was still better than the alternative.

We stopped for a delicious dinner on the way to Quincy, but still the six hour drive seemed interminable.

Super to finally arrive at Jane's house. Pete, Jordan and Sarah were waiting up--it was after 11. We hit the sheets soon after arrival.

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