Friday, June 04, 2004

6/4 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, Chicago

Friday: Up at 5, that's okay, I'll be up earlier than this for the Avon Walk tomorrow and Sunday. Jim's going to leave work for a while to give me a ride into the city. Unfortunately I can't take the train in because I have too much luggage, I couldn't physically do it.

Jim picked me up at 10:45 and brought me to downtown Chicago. Got to the Loop around 11:30 or so. I was able to check in right away. Neat room with two double beds and two bathrooms. Called Jan and they were 70 miles from Chicago. I walked around and saw some people I knew from last year. Fun. When Jane, Jan and Tim arrived we grabbed their lunch at a Soul Food Deli around the corner. They were later than planned because their car had to undergo inspection by bomb-sniffing dogs, but no one would say why. After the deli, we noticed cops everywhere, surrounding the Hilton, and they'd closed off the streets. VP Cheney was arriving momentarily. As he drove by he waved at us. Even though I don't like the man, or his politics, it was still cool.

Then we registered for the walk. It was very well organized--nearly 3,000 people registered. Jane and I went to our crew meeting and afterward the four of us walked down Michigan Avenue and ate at the Artists' Cafe, same place as last year. It was good! By the time we got back to the Hilton, it was 9. Since I had to get up at 3:45 AM, I was ready for bed.

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