Tuesday, June 22, 2004

6/22 More work and lots of play

Have found a few more possibilities for the Journal we're publishing, so I'm feeling pretty confident.

Went for a walk over lunchtime with Bill and Elaine. Enjoyable half-hour. Of course I still ate lunch when I returned. I love walking, but not to replace food. :)

Forgot my earrings and felt naked, so after work stopped and bought a new pair. Then ran by Noodles & Company, picked up spicy udan noodles (makes my mouth water just to think about it), then went to Jeff's. We've formed a CSz Summer League (certainly unofficial). Six of us have committed to meeting weekly and practicing until the new classes begin in September. Then in October or November will be auditions for the Minor Leagues. I'm psyched about that--but nervous too.

Home after 10 PM, so naturally didn't do any work. Notice that I'm developing a pattern? Well, this weekend I will be ABSOLUTELY DEDICATED to unpacking from the UK trip and putting crap away. Tomorrow night I plan to go to a Minor League show. Several friends are playing and I want to support them. Plus it will be fun.

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