Saturday, June 26, 2004

6/26 Summerfest and Strawberry Festival

Picked up Chris at 11 AM. He wanted to go shopping so I took him to Grand Avenue mall. Even though it dowsn't have all the stores of the suburban malls, it's so cool. Old buildings downtown, connected by elevated walkways. He enjoyed it and spent some money. Also got hauled in to do a survey regarding magazines. Had to walk five minutes to get to the office, so of course I teased him about his inability to say no.

Then to Summerfest. We had a really good time. Ate lunch and watched an Xtreme Airshow--snowboards, skis, jumps and trampolines. Very cool. Walked the entire length of the park and listened to different bands. Saw Lee, a friend from my CSz group, and Chris and I went to watch Lee's daughter dance. The kids were so cute. They're coached by the Milwaukee Bucks cheerleaders and we saw them dance as well.

Chris had his first taste of root beer, and frozen custard. An enjoyable experience for him. And of course for me too because I had to enjoy those same things. :)

Listened to some great salsa music, and rock and roll. Took the sky glide back to the start of the Summerfest Grounds. Then off for more shopping.

Took him to Mayfair Mall where he did some major damage. I found two bargains for my sister, but bargains weren't on Chris's mind. He bought some beautiful items.

Then we drove to Cedarburg and met Bill and Joel for the Strawberryfest. I had so much fun (so did Chris). What a super festival. Only problem is that it closes at six and we didn't get there until after five. Next year I will definitely go for the full day. I loved it. Bought my son-in-law a great Christmas present. We ended up stopping at the Stagecoach Inn and the four of us sat and enjoyed drinks. I had Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss--one of my favorites. Then had a Sprecher Root Beer, on tap.

The guys were so entertaining. Could have sat there all night, except I needed to take Chris back to the hotel and then back up north to my house. Dropped him and off, and I was home by 9 PM. Such a super day.

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