Saturday, June 12, 2004

6/12 Fun at Joanne's house in the OC

"Time to get up, Grandma." Kayla and I got up early, but Hunter slept until 7:15, a nice bonus for Jill.

Kayla asked Todd for a scrambled egg for breakfast and i just had coffee, preparing myself for the feast at Joanne's.

We left at 9:45 for the 90 minute trip to the OC. Joanne's house is lovely. I'd been there a few tiems before. We got there a little before 11:30 and were the first to arrive. Kayla was ready to go swimming right away but I convinced her to wait until after lunch.

Joanne's daughter, Ria, and grand-daughter, Adrianna, arrived next. Dom and Rocco, the seven month old twins, were running fevers and couldn't make it. Hope to meet them next time. Charlie arrived next and finally--after a bout of horrific traffic--Deb and her sister Iris.

Food--wow--ham/cheese/asparagus roll-ups, tons of cut up veggies (including tomatilloes, my new favorite), declicious dip (Joanne will share recipe), zucchini fritters (omigod), Debbie's squash fritters (omigod again), Deb's dessert chocolate peanut butter cups (ecstasy), chips with fresh guacamole (my mouth is watering just typing), fresh lemonade (I had four glasses), and limoncello (a homemade lemon liqueur). Wow! There's more, I know but I can't type everything or I'll run out and start stuffing my face.

Can you tell I loved the food? So good that I grazed all afternoon and didn't have to eat dinner.

Joanne was so sweet to welcom us to her lovely home. Adrianna and Kayla got along well and all three kids impressed us with how verbal they are. So much fun to interact with.

Before Ria left to go tend to the twins, we got to watch her latest commercial. That was fun.

Jill, Joanne and I swam with the kids. What fun. Joanne had warmed up the pool and the kids loved that.

It was a great day. After swimming Jill relaxed on a chaise lounge, the kids played, and I got to visit with my friends. Deb, Charlie, Joanne, Iris and I had a great conversation. Wish I lived closer to get together more often. I really love these women. And to think, we met on a writers' bb. So cool.

We got to see the uncorrected copy of Deb's latest book--Your Shirt Is Not an Oven Mitt. It's such a fun book (and her 4th). I had a small part in copyediting and am mentioned in the acknowledgements. I'm thrilled with that. (No one would know I'm a good editor by reading this blog, that's for sure.) :)

By the time we got home it was 7 and only a short time before the kids had to go to bed. My last night. Kayla went to bed in my room as usual. I read for a while and then Jill and I spent a long time in an enjoyable conversation. She's such a sweetie.

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