Sunday, June 20, 2004

6/20 From Quincy to Milwaukee

Up at 4:30 AM and am tired. When I got to the train station I dropped off Jane's van and they'll pick it up later. Aunt Millie was there dropping off her son and grandson--Tom and Kevin. Before our train left I looked out the window and saw the aforementioned Andrew and yelled out the door, "Are you coming on the train too?" Turned out he dropped off his girlfriend, Ash, who was going home to Chicago. So I found her and talked for a while. Went back to my seat in Business Class and got my "free food." Ordered a bagel with egg and cheese and a coffee. Tasted good.

Needed to work on the press release but decided I needed a nap more. I woke myself up a few times with snores. God, I hate that.

Woke up when a family with two kids sat across from me. Mom read aloud to the kids. My naptime was done.

Tommy came in and we went to the cafe car, sat and visited for a time. Nice reminiscing about younger days and also to re-visit the fun of yesterday. His son, Kevin, was a star for his improvised interpretation of a three-toed sloth.

By the time I got back to Milwaukee, I was exhausted. So I didn't do much work. Mostly just relaxed until it was time for bed.

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