Saturday, June 05, 2004

6/5 The Walk

Saturday: Of course I didn't sleep well, a combination of excitement and being in a room with a littl bit of snoring going on. I was informed that I was one of the snorers, but replied that I didn't do it too much because I'd only slept a few hours.

Something cool. My wrist alarm was set for 3:45, but I erred and had it set for weekdays only, so it was lucky that I didn't sleep well since I wouldn't have gotten up on time otherwise. As it was, I jumped out of bed at 3:45 and since I showered last night I was out of the room by 4:10 AM. Tim was up too and walked out of the room with me.

I made it to the Command Center early and was able to enjoy breakfast and coffee prior to working.

When Jan and Jane arrived we were able to get a picture taken together. Plus I got a few pics of Soldiers' Field.

The Opening Ceremonies were as moving as always--raise your hands if you're a breast cancer survivor, if you've lost someone to breast cancer, if you know someone who has breast cancer. All 3,000 people had their hands in the air. Now clasp the hand of someone else--complete the circle. Awesome. As they marched out of the staging area, I thought about the nearly $7 million we raised and how many people it will help. Again this year they're giving out the "every three minutes" ribbons. Every three minutes someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, and in our two days together about 675 people will be diagnosed. So every three minutes designated staff and crew give out a large pink ribbon to one person. Every three minutes until the weekend is over. Powerful. I wear mine proudly. Yep, I was awarded one this morning by my friend Alison. She said it's done randomly, except for this one. She's the staff member who everyone says is my long-lost daughter.

After I was relieved for a few hours break in the afternoon, I set p my tent and my sisters' tent--so they'll have that done when they arrive at the campsite, named the Wellness Village.

The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect. Warm, but not hot. Blue skies. A dy when it's impossible not to smile--no matter how much your feet hurt.

We weren't busy at all until the walkers strted arriving in the afternoon. When the dam burst, it did it with a vengeance. Joann, the staff member with whom I worked, sent me to my tent at 10:15 PM. Even so, that was a very long day. But a damn good one.

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