Wednesday, June 23, 2004

6/23 Work and fun

Finished some projects. Got two wonderful articles for the Journal, so am finished with gathering them. Now just have to edit. That's the easy part for me. Oh, and I have to write my editorial.

After work I joined my friend Jeff and we went to the Minor League show at CSz. It was great to see other friends. A few of my former classmates made it to the Minors. I'm happy for them. Wish I could have auditioned also, but it happened when I was still gone. I also saw one of my instructors, who's one of my favorite Players. Nice to see Dick too, who's the owner and founder of CSz.

The crowd was very small and one guy was drunk before the show started. Dick finally went to the front row, motioned for the guy to follow him, and made him sit in the back row right next to Dick. Funny. And the guy yelled, "I'm on probation." In spite of myself, I laughed sometimes. But he bugged the hell out of me. The players were trying so hard and he was quite distracting.

Also spoke to Chris, my Irish friend. He's coming to Milwaukee on Friday and will be here a week. I volunteered to be his tour guide and take him to Summerfest and to CSz. My CSz friends said they want to hear his accent... everyone's always trying to improve their accents. :)

Another late night for me. I'm too old for this.


Bron said...

Irish accents are particularily sexy, so no doubt us brits will be shoved to the back when we get there ;) hehe...
Looksl like we are still playing Thursday night after the hub bub.. but to an invited crowd...
The whole thing is very scary, especially as I'm not a very experienced player... and neitehr is Pij... I really wish I could have Ste Martin with me! He would save the day! Here's hoping he can get a last minute deal!
My neck is sore as usual so I am going to grumble in bed...

Jer said...

I'm sure you, Steven and Pij will do fine. If Ste comes too, that will just be icing on the cake.

My friend's plane is late, so I'm still at home.... Jer