Sunday, June 13, 2004

6/13 From LA to Milwaukee

During the night Kayla had nightmares. I'd wake her up but when she went back to sleep she'd start thrashing, crying and talking. Finally she said, "I miss my mommy and daddy." So I brought her into their room. Normally she sleeps all night in her own room, so maybe my snoring scared her. (Made myself laugh over that one.)

At 5:45 AM Hunter yelled for his Mom but she didn't hear him, so he finally yelled, "Grandma," so I got up with him. He "helped" me finish packing and we had a good amount of time together, which I cherished.

Jill had errands so she didn't take the kids with us to the airport. So I had my crying finished by the time we were underway. I hate leaving them.

The flight went by quickly because I slept. My CSz friend, Jeff, picked me up at the airport. It was good to get home. I found a welome from Shirley (who watered my plants in my absence). She made a sign for my door and wrote a lovely note. And Peggy, who cleaned for me, left a really cute card and a balloon welcoming me. That made coming home even better.

The only bad thing was my kitchen rug was all wet. It must be a leak and I'll hate it if I have to call a plumber.

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