Sunday, April 10, 2005

4/10 I want to retire

Don't get me wrong, I love my job. But being here in the country at my sister and b-i-l's house has me itchin' for this life. Beautiful acreage, lots of flowers blooming, lovely home they built themselves.

Yesterday was about perfect. In the low 70s, sunny. My two sisters, one niece and I walked three miles. I walk a bit slower than they do, so I had my iPod for when I lagged behind. Then fast music would get me walking faster. Once I caught up with them I took our my earplugs. Finally I hit upon a good solution. When I walked with them, I kept one earplug in. So I got to visit, but still have the "soundtrack to my life" going on in my head. Worked well for me and kept me walking faster.

Our brother John and sis-in-law Paulette came out for dinner and a few neighbors came over too. We laughed a lot, drank beer, enjoyed the evening.

After they left, Tim went to bed, so Jan and I got into the hot tub without our suits. Very comfortable experience. But I laugh just to think about it. Jan, although only 11 months younger than I am, has always been thin. And I...well, I haven't. Her breasts are still perky, which irritates the hell out of me. We always teased her about being flat-chested. Well, there's a definite advantage to that when you hit your 50s.

Today Jane and her family are coming out for lunch. I saw my brother Joe for a few minutes, but didn't see Jay or Jeff this trip. I see Jim more often since he lives just 2 hours from my home in Milwaukee.

The idyllic days I'm experiencing don't happen all the time. I see how hard Jan and Tim work. Plus Jan still works as a nurse. Tim is finishing up the house, Jan is landscaping the place. Always something to do. Guess there's no such thing as "retirement" for them. And guess I'm not really ready to quit my job just so I can work my butt off at home.

But it's great to have this place to visit. Yeah. All the benefits, with none of the labor.

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