Monday, April 11, 2005

4/11 Hotel stuff

Didn't get to the hotel until midnight, and I checked email, etc. before going to bed. Couldn't get much done because of 56 k speed, so today I (meaning my company) sprung for high speed internet access.

I had so many problems with getting it going. Spent over an hour with customer support of the wireless access, and about a half hour with our own IT guy. Turns out this system will not support exchange addresses, so I have to get my work email through yahoo or hotmail or some other web-based system.

Only good thing is that I asked for and received an extra day free of charge. Love to negotiate.

When I got to the conference center the woman running the show said things in direct contradiction to what they'd sent us. But I had all the material with me (thanks, Stacy). So I was able to show her the misleading and downright false information she'd sent. The conference goes until Wed night and our paper said I had to take down the booth Tuesday night. So I told Stacy to try to get 1/2 of our fee back. My plane leaves Wednesday morning.

But other than the organizer, I think this will be a good conference.


Pop Culturist said...

I see u r also nominated for the MKE blog of the week also. Nice blog and good luck!!

Jer said...

Thanks, and ditto.