Wednesday, April 27, 2005

4/27 YAY! Another day with my friends.

Joanne wrote on our bb last night:

Far too much to report tonight - Jer's been blogging - I haven't been there to check it out yet. Monet was inspiring, uplifting, fed my soul - and I ended up going alone. Actually, it turned out just fine because I really took my time (hardly any one else there) and was thrilled for the experience. Beforehand, a bunch of us basked in the beauty of the Bellagio's atrium/solarium, where the butterfly exhibit is housed. The floral display was gorgeous - enormous snails made out of roses, huge banks of hyacinths (soooo wonderfully fragrant), daffodils that were showy but couldn't compare to Myrna and Gerry's display, paths to wander. Afterwards, the chocolate fountain, where we sat for a bit while feasting on various treats. I got a freshly made - before our eyes (a treat in itself, watching the zen-like actions of the crepe artist) - crepe souffle, with fresh raspberries, drizzled with melted chocolate and topped with fresh whipped cream. But it was enormous, so I cut it into smaller portions and several of us savored it. giggle, giggle Myrna snapped me, I found out later, as I closed my eyes with a mouthful of it, after describing how exquisitely sensual it was.

After grazing in Club 22, it was Ka for most of us. So much to say about it, but I'm waaay too tired and others will be along at some point. It was incredble, amazing, thrilling, beautiful - a real treat.

Tonight, lots of frivolity in the suite, where we enjoyed Myrna's fabulous cake - decorated sooo beautifully, with frogs on top and all our names all around. Absolutely DELICIOUS !! Debbie and her mom joined us, and Deb gave me, for the group, a beautiful silver keepsake box filled with Godiva truffles. Yummy! Thanks, all! I hadn't gambled much today (a brief stop at a slot machine did result in a very nice win!), so Bruce and I went down to the casino after the last left the suite at .....hmmm....very late - 1:15 am-ish? - and won a bit more. (Do you think perhaps wearing the frog pin Lou gave each of us has helped???) I like playing in the middle of the night when there aren't many people around.

Oh - and we DID hit the dance floor - good band - so we danced a couple - great fun! Much planned for tomorrow, including a Gloria games session in the afternoon and Charlie reading her poetry, and Bruce and Jer performing tomorrow night. Now, to sleep, finally! (I like Jer's motto - I'll sleep when I'm dead. )

FROM JER: I stole Joanne's note because it was lovely and because I'm lazy.

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