Tuesday, April 26, 2005

4/26 Sleep? What's That?

What a night. After a delightful get-together with friends in the suite, I got to bed after 2. Got up at 5. Don't know why I can't sleep. Well, I do know why. I can't breathe lying down. Either I caught the cold from my grandchildren (but I never get colds) or my allergy to smoke has gotten much worse.

Feel yucky. I hope a shower will make me feel better.

Yesterday was so much fun. I look forward to much more. But three hours sleep in 48 hours will probably take its toll. I've decided to be really stupid about this and continue to brag about no sleep until someone finally says SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynt was supposed to be picked up by a bus at 6:15 AM for the Grand Canyon tour. But she misread her material and thought it said 7:15. She asked to be awakened at 6:30, and really had a bad morning trying to get where she was going. She finally got a cab and will try to catch up with the bus--or something. My ears are blocked so I kind of said uh-huh, but I'm not quite sure of all the details. I sure hope she makes it where she's going.

I need to work on my routine today because tomorrow night Bruce and I open in Vegas. Well, we close in Vegas tomorrow night too, but that's beside the point.

I'm meeting some of the group for breakfast at 9 and then David Bruce and I (and anyone else) are going to a casino that gives you $40 worth of gambling for $20. Dave knows bargains. Then at 1 many of us are going to the Bellagio for Monet and butterflies...and gambling. More later, when I'm not the only HW awake in Las Vegas... Okay, it just seems that way.

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