Wednesday, April 27, 2005

4/27 Can't wait for more fun

Re-posting some of my note from our bb, then I'll add on:

Last night I slept about 4 1/2 hours and I feel like a new woman. Okay, an old woman who's not had enough sleep. It's hard to sleep when the noise in your ears is louder than anything else you've heard for days. When I did sleep, I slept SOUNDLY. My snoring woke me up once, but I'll attribute that to the fact I can't breathe. The show will go on tonight. My voice will be fine. Can't tell you how many people said, "I love it that you can't talk." They didn't mean the obvious. Or maybe they did. But most told me it's because I'm funny when I can't talk. I guess the mime work at ComedySportz is helping. Last nght, with all of us in the living room eating Myrna's "Better Than Sex" cake, I looked around and thought that this is an amazing accomplishment. Putting all this together is part of it--and thanks to Joanne for being aces in that regard. But also it's an amazing experience because here we are with all our foibles, warts, idiosyncracies, and faults. But what we're focusing on is our beauty, our gifts, our love and our talents. What a group!


Today DF is taking us back to Lotus of Siam. I will get extra spicy and the clearing of my sinuses will be a done deal. :) Also I'm going to gamble more. Yesterday I followed Dave around like a puppy dog, and it was well worth it. Besides having fun, I learned a lot. Can't wait to see if I can replicate yesterday's success.

Lynt got back from seeing the Grand Canyon. I'm so happy she was able to make the bus after all, and that it was the exciting adventure she envisioned.

Now I'm going to shower and get dressed. And drink copious amounts of hot tea while I wait for the others in Club 22.

I think I'll refuse to leave tomorrow. What'll they do? Send the goon squad after me?

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